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IP is short for Internet Protocol. The primary purpose of IP is to enable communications between computernetworks. The second important protocol is the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). Togethere these protocols are called TCP/IP and this is the core of the internet. Every device on a TCP/IP network must have a unique IP address. Actually the IP-number consits of two parts. First, the network ID (or network address) identifies the network on which a host computer can be found and second the host ID (or host address) identifies a specific computer on the network indicated by the network ID. Without these protocols computers are not able to communicate. The TCP/IP protocol suite is sometimes also refered as the Internet Protocol Suite (IPS). Another very important protocol is HTTP, which stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. HTTP is the basis of the World Wide Web.


Most people who have high speed (broadband) internet access, as ADSL or cable, have a fixed ip-address. Most company networks as well. A dial-up connection normally results in a dynamic ip-address. This does not automatically imply a better privacy situation. Most ip-address will normally only resolve to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) or the company network, and this is the same for dynamic addresses. The ISP however can trace the ip-number back to a specific computer or customer.